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The Move of the Millennium: Moving the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

[caption id="attachment_3416" align="alignleft" width="374"] Photo: Photography Life[/caption] When it comes to landmarks along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, none are as well-known or frequently visited as the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The iconic lighthouse—which stands 193 feet in height—is the tallest lighthouse in the United States and attracts approximat…Continue Reading..

The Background of Blackbeard the Pirate’s Flagship Vessel

[caption id="attachment_3320" align="alignleft" width="337"] Photo:[/caption] The waters off the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina have claimed the lives of thousands of ships throughout the past several centuries. However, few vessels that have met their fate in their shoals along the Graveyard of the Atlantic are as well-known as the one sailed…Continue Reading..

A Look Back at Hurricane Matthew

[caption id="attachment_3378" align="alignleft" width="394"] Photo: WTVR[/caption] In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which produced devastating flooding throughout Texas and Louisiana in late August, all eyes were on Hurricane Irma—a massive Category 5 hurricane whose projected path put the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the potential crosshairs until a shift in i…Continue Reading..

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