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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: The Mystery of the Fresnel Lens

This month’s Throwback Thursday is Part I in a two-part series about the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  Today, we focus on the mystery of the lighthouse lens that disappeared after the Civil War.  Join The Coastal Cottage Company next month to learn about the daring relocation of the lighthouse in 1999. Civil War, lightning strikes, hurricanes, earthquakes, encroac…Continue Reading..

Conditioned Crawlspaces

During the summer, the Outer Banks are filled with sunshine and family fun.  But it's also the season we crank up the air conditioning and our utility bills skyrocket. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects warmer temperatures this summer and the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts an increased use of electricity for air conditioning…Continue Reading..

The U.S. Life-Saving Service

The Coastal Cottage Company announces a new feature on our blog: Throwback Thursdays! Each month, we hope you’ll enjoy stepping back into 400 years of Outer Banks’ history.   Since the 16th century, over 3,000 ships have sunk off the coast of North Carolina, including early colonial ships and German U-boats from World War II.  This treacherous coastline, know…Continue Reading..

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