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Choosing a Quality Outer Banks Builder

quality outer banks home builder

A SHORT GUIDE TO FINDING THE RIGHT BUILDER FOR YOUR OUTER BANKS HOME Building a home on the Outer Banks can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience. Choosing a quality home builder for your project is paramount to it's success, so be sure to take time to do your homework. Here are a few things to help find the Outer Banks builder that's right for you?  T…Continue Reading..

Finding the Motivation


KNOWING THE SELLERS MOTIVATION IS KEY TO MAKING AN ACCEPTABLE OFFER Finding the sellers motivation is key to making an acceptable offer. Loosely defined, motivation is “a force or influence that causes someone to do something”. Some days I’m highly “motivated” to wake up and get right to the gym for an intense workout comprised of equal parts cardio exe…Continue Reading..

Choosing Paint Colors

choosing interior paint colors

A certified interior designer shares her secrets...  The ever intimidating job of choosing paint colors can be overwhelming.  However, selecting paint for your home can be a stress free experience when you have confidence about your choices. Below are my tips I use when choosing the right paint for your home as well as your personality.  LIGHTING: It is very i…Continue Reading..

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