Whalehead Club

Haunted Happenings at Whalehead Club

Throwback Thursday: OBX Style

Whalehead Club

Haunted Happenings at Whalehead Club

With Halloween just around the corner, the Coastal Cottage Company brings you a spooky edition of Throwback Thursday!

The Outer Banks has a fascinating history full of pirates, deadly storms, shipwrecks, and even a Lost Colony.  Given its moniker “The Graveyard of the Atlantic,” it’s no surprise that the area is haunted by restless spirits.

In a previous post, the Coastal Cottage Company showcased the beautiful Whalehead Club on Currituck Sound, Corolla.  But there’s more than stunning grounds and Art Nouveau decor at Whalehead.  While enjoying the elegant woodwork and Tiffany lighting, guests may also get a sense that they’re not alone. Visitors, guides, and volunteers have reported hearing sounds coming from empty rooms, such as doors banging and muffled voices, as well as the Otis elevator mysteriously moving on its own.  Other visitors have reported smelling cigar smoke in the room where the portrait of Edward Collings Knight, Jr, the original owner, hangs.  The supernatural presence at the Whalehead Club is so strong that the Coastal Paranormal Investigations group visited the mansion in 2009.

Whalehead Club
Image courtesy of Visit Whalehead and Whalehead Preservation Trust

Michael Lay, from the
Outer Banks This Week, tells a popular story about a Whalehead ghost.  After the original owners passed away, Whalehead served a number of purposes including as a site for rocket fuel tests conducted by the Atlantic Research Corporation.  Employees and their families often stayed on site over the weekends and one night, a company employee and his wife were awakened by the bathroom door creaking.  Thinking a draft was causing the noise, the husband got up to more securely shut the door. On his way back to bed, he stepped around a figure in the dark, assuming it was his wife who had gotten up to help close the doors and windows.  But when he climbed into bed, his wife was fast asleep!  Who was the figure he passed in the doorway?

While no grisly murders or horrific deaths occurred at Whalehead, there’s definitely an unexplained supernatural energy.  What we do know, according to Whalehead guides, is that the Knights visited their home in October 1933, like they did every year, but left abruptly three weeks later and never returned again. . .

Want to hear more spine tingling stories?  The Whalehead Club offers two ghost tours: The Daylight Ghost Tour (appropriate for children) and the Moonlight Legend, Lore, and Ghost Tour (held after dark with lanterns).  These special tours are seasonally available and can be reserved in advance by calling 252.453.9040 ext. 226, or by purchasing tickets on site.

Blog by Jessica T. Smith for the Coastal Cottage Company

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