Refresh Your Home’s Style with the Most Popular Paint Colors of 2017

Refresh Your Home’s Style with the Most Popular Paint Colors of 2017

With the arrival of spring right around the corner and the promise of warm, sunshine-filled days in the very near future, homeowners across the country are searching for new ways to revamp and refresh their living spaces. Whether your humble abode currently boasts a palette of dated paint colors or you’re simply tired of the hues you’ve had on the walls since your most recent  attempt to update your décor, giving your home a whole new look is as easy as picking up a paintbrush.

2017 Paint Color of the Year

If you’re feeling inspired to update and enhance the colors on your walls but you aren’t quite sure where to start, take a cue from several big-name interior design experts who recently released their top picks for the go-to paint colors for 2017. The Pantone Color Institute, whose mission is to help companies make the most informed decisions about the colors chosen to represent an assortment of brands and products, has selected “Greenery” as its 2017 Pantone Color of the Year.

Pantone Color Institute’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery

According to the company, Greenery—a bright shade of yellowish-green that resembles the leaves on a tree or stems on a flower in bloom—was chosen because it represents “refreshment, rejuvenation and rebirth.” In addition to providing your home with a pop of color, experts say using Greenery as the “neutral” hue in their color scheme offers homeowners more opportunities to select décor in other complementary colors without coupling shades that don’t go well together. From yellow and pink to blue, gray and orange, the colors that can be successfully paired with Greenery are seemingly endless, giving homeowners a wide array of options when it comes to choosing a palette that works for their own personal style and décor.

Pantone’s Greenery. Photo Courtesy of Alex Hemer.

2017’s Popular Paint Color Options

While the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year may be the most well-known hue of 2017 among interior designers and color experts, a variety of paint companies ranging from Glidden to Olympic have also made their selections for the most popular colors for this spring, summer, fall and winter. If you’re not finding inspiration with Pantone’s Greenery—or you’re looking for a different option for a separate set of rooms—you’re in luck. The following home color trends of 2017 provide plenty of options for you to pick from when giving your residence the much-needed makeover your property is craving this season.

Olympic’s Cloudberry. Photo Courtesy of:

In years past, beige was the primary neutral paint color of choice for many, but experts now say the popular hue of the past has been pushed aside to make room for more modern neutrals such as shades of gray and blue as well as taupe. This year’s popular picks include Glidden’s Byzantine Blue, Sherwin Williams’ Poised Taupe, Olympic’s Cloudberry, Benjamin Moore’s Shadow and Krylon’s Copper. When most homeowners think of “neutral” colors, these types of muted hues might first come to mind; however, a handful of brighter hues are also making names for themselves as the most popular neutral tones for 2017, including Valspar’s Crushed Oregano, Dunn-Edwards’ Honey Glow and Behr’s Wanderlust.

Behr’s Wanderlust. Photo Courtesy of:

Design Tips to Keep in Mind When Painting

There’s no doubt that switching up paint colors in the interior of your home is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to change the look of your living space and overhaul your home, but before you dip your paintbrush into the can and get to work on the walls, it’s important to remember a few interior design tips for painting.

  • Before finalizing your pick for a brand-new paint color, purchase a small sample of your favorites and paint a swath or two on the walls. Then, pay attention to the way these colors change in appearance at different times of day. You may love one particular color during daylight hours, but it could look completely different as the sun goes down.
  • To hide flaws on your walls, opt for a flat or low-sheen paint color. High-gloss paint reflects light and draws the eye to uneven surface, so you should avoid this type of paint unless your walls are completely smooth.
  • Give your room the appearance of taller walls by extending your paint color onto the ceiling, making a border of 6-12 inches along the perimeter of the ceiling where it meets the walls.
  • If you want to make a smaller room seem larger, use pastels, whites or other light colors to create the illusion of bigger spaces.

Regardless of which colors you choose or which rooms in your house you ultimately decide to paint, taking the time to select a new palette that fits your own unique sense of style is a surefire way to enhance your décor and to refresh and revitalize your home this season.

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