Our Process


The first and most important part of what we do is building a relationship with you, our customer. Our goal is to construct a long lasting bond built on trust, understanding and mutual respect. This relationship forms the foundation from which your new home is built. In addition, we encourage an open line of communication which is key to a projects success.


During the discovery process we determine the scope of your project and define its objectives. We’ll discuss and examine your budget and time frame. Visit your home site or help you find one that is right for you. Discuss your ideas for home placement and create feasibility studies. And lastly, determine your architectural style and finish.


This is where your home begins to take shape. The decisions you make during the design phase will carry throughout construction. The architectural plans, whether stock or custom, are the basis for all construction and are the most important part of the building process. Designing a new home can seem daunting but our extensive experience in this field will help you make solid educated decisions resulting in a true custom home you will be proud of.


Once your plans have been developed, but before they are finalized, we begin preparing material takeoffs and fine tuning your selections. From this we develop and modify a final schedule and contract price for the project. Once an agreement is reached, the architectural plans are finalized, site plans are developed and construction documents are signed. We are ready to build!


At this stage we pull all appropriate permits, the property is surveyed and staked, the foundation begins and the building begins to take shape. During the construction process we update our customers with photos and emails. In addition, we encourage our owners to visit the building site and walk the project. This enables everyone involved to take advantage of evolving design opportunities early in the project.


You did it! You just designed and built your new home. It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you first step into your new home. We want you to know that just as we have been there for you during construction, we will be with you after it. Understand that we are totally committed to your complete satisfaction and hope to build a long lasting relationship with you in the future.