We moved from our “top of the mountain” log home in Gateway Mountain to our cottage at The Outer Banks in September, 2016.  We knew we wanted to build a new house that would become our “Dream Home” for retirement.  We presented our ideas to several contractors and most didn’t seem to have a great deal of interest in building what we had envisioned.   We were disappointed. We are not sure whether it was our discovering Michael York of The Coastal Cottage Company or Michael finding us.  However, it was our great fortune to have hired Michael and his fantastic, professional, congenial, and experienced work groups. Michael has all the tools we needed to realize our “Dream Home”.  His architectural and engineering capabilities coupled with his extensive field experience continually supported us throughout the construction of our home.  Michael’s attention to detail and demand for quality throughout the process made us very well pleased. Throughout the construction we became attached to the many excellent subcontractors working to give us our perfect home.  We were able to keep up with the construction day by day with the “Builder Trend” computer program supplied by Michael.  Additionally, we visited the site consistently to enjoy the progress.  We often enjoyed Duck Donuts, Coffee and Pizza with the men working on our house.  We became attached to the complete process like having a family build our home. Daily, we are thankful that we were fortunate enough to have our retirement “Dream Home” provided by The Coastal Cottage Co and Michael York.  We love everything about our home.

-Dave & Kathe Ruch