My wife and I worked with Michael York for about 18 months building nothing less than a spectacular second home. During that time, they have been nothing but professional. I know several people that live full time on the Outer Banks and a lot of them are in the civil/structural engineering field, they all spoke very highly of Mike. Michael has over 20 years in the design and construction industry which instilled confidence that we chose the right person to make our dream house come true. During the design and construction process Michael worked with us every step of the way to make sure that our vision is being created to our standards. During the process there were points where my wife and I could get a little overwhelmed with all the decisions, such as tile selection, but Michael guided us through the process to help narrow our selection and keep us focused on the theme of the house. This saved us an incredible amount of time and money. Another point I would make in recommending Mike is that he was always looking out for our expenditures. We were never nickel and dimed, he always attempted to get the best price for the selections we made. I think one thing he does very well is to estimate the costs in a realistic manner. I would recommend a drive down to Askins Creek-Avon, NC to see our house. The design, build quality and finish is amazing, you will not be disappointed. In short, I have built 2 homes now and if I were to build another home I would not hesitate to use Michael York again.

-Michael & Jackie Lynn